Success Stories

Success Stories

Over the years I have had the privilege of coaching tons of great kids of all different ages and playing levels, here is what some of the kids and their parents had to say about their lessons.

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* Coach Tony helped my son Nathan's baseball abilities tremendosly. I can honestly say that Nathan would not be NEAR the baseball player he is now without the help of Tony. When Nathan went into the Minor division of Little League he had no idea how to even start to pitch. By the time we left the Minors, he was one of the more dominant pitchers in the league. Nathan has since stepped up to select baseball, all thanks to Coach Tony! - Mike Arnold

*As well as working a long side of him, I have been working with Coach Tony for a little over a year now. Since them I have gone from an average college player to signing a professional contract. Under his tutelage I have developed a better understanding of hitting as well as a better understandign of the game as a whole. Many of his techniques and teachings transverse all levels of play from Little League to college, and have been echoed here from the hitting instructors within my current organization. His fun, professional, and sheer "love of the game", approach makes it easy to listen and apply his teachings to real life scenarios. My only regret is that I did not meet him earlier in my carrer. I would recommend Coach Tony Musielak to anyone who would listen, no matter what the baseball need. Thank you coach! - Glenn Wilson #17 Shreveport - Bossier Captains (The SB Captains are part of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball)


* Coach Tony your hard work is paying off...Banks has become one of his team's best hitters. - Doug Presson   



* My Son Brad has worked with Tony for 5 years now. He is currently playing 13U AAA select ball and is doing well. Tony has helped Brad develop a smooth and balanced delivery that has allowed him to be a consistent pitcher. The hitting instruction has helped Brad develop a compact, to-the-ball swing which is important as the kids get older and pitch faster. Tony also has a fun relaxed demeanor which allows the players to relax, listen and learn - Bryan Vassar


 * Danny played in an 11U AA tournament last weekend as part of the Strokes Gold 10U team. He pitched in one of the bracket games and had a perfect game going into the last inning. He ended up pitching a 1 run, 1 walk, no hitter. He worked on his 2-seam and 4-seam fastball very nicely and was hitting his spots. What was really amazing was his command of his change-up. He wasn't throwing the typical 9-year old's change-up...but was throwing like you taught him, same arm speed and motion but with velocity difference. They were swinging in front of it and over top of it all game...either that or locking up on it. It was the best game I've seen him pitch. I mean, here is this 9-year old kid wearing out this team of 11-year olds. It was awesome. - Ed Britt


"Coach Tony has worked with both our boys, ages 15 and 11, and the help he gives them with hitting and pitching is amazing! The lesson summaries and tips he offers really help maintain what they have learned. Both boys have become faster, more accurate pitchers, and are hitting the ball harder and harder with each lesson. Our oldest son, Kyle, worked with Tony for 6 weeks before high school (McKinney Boyd) tryouts to tweak his hitting. He had a great tryout especially hitting and enjoyed his first year on the baseball team. Thank you, Tony!" - Mark & Debbie Sherling

  • Our son, Tyler has been working with Coach Tony on both pitching and hitting for a little over a year. Tony is extremely knowledgeable in teaching the mechanics of pitching. Pitching is all about mechanics and he has greatly helped Tyler become one of the top pitchers in his league. Through the use of proper mechanics he is consistently throwing between 50% - 70% strikes. Tyler’s hitting has also greatly improved under Coach Tony’s tutelage. Tyler is a much more confident hitter since he began working with Tony. The greatest thing about working with Coach Tony is that he isn’t overly technical and he makes the game fun. He even lets the 'old dads’ participate! - Dave Worthington

  • "I started pitching when I was 9 years old. I could throw very accurately, but not very fast. Coach Tony has worked with me over the last year and has helped me improve my velocity while maintaining my accuracy. Coach Tony has also helped tremendously with my hitting. He is very patient and encouraging and I appreciate all Coach Tony has done for me." - Patrick Griffin, 11 year-old Thunder.

  • "Dear Coach Tony, Will has made the (McKinney Little League Baseball) East/West Combined AllStar Team!!!! Wow, I know he had a good tryout but there were a lot of good players trying out as well. Many thanks for all your time, effort and energies working with Will. This is a great opportunity for him and we owe it all to you." - Ed and Stacy Tate

  • We were able to develop the pitching needed to win the McKinney Little League Minors Division Championship with Tony's coaching. We used 6 pitchers throughout the season and 4 in the tournament all of which have been coached with Tony's proven pitching techniques. Tony takes each pitcher through the pitching motion step by step so the kids develop good habits. We wouldn't have won the championship without Tony's help! - Kevin Buckley, Manager, 2006 MLLB Minor's Division Champion Diamondbacks

  • "My son Joshua plays for the Frisco Centennial High School JV team. Josh started working with Tony in the Fall of 2005. We knew Josh had the potential inside him to be a great pitcher, but it took Tony to bring it out of him. Almost immediately after Josh started his training with Tony, he became the pitcher we knew he could be. Tony has a great training program which is very streamlined and focused; bottom line, he achieves results with his students. We're sold and Josh will keep training with Tony in the future." - Kristine Owen

  • Andrew, my 13-year old son, has been taking baseball lessons from Tony over the past two years. Tony teaches proper hitting and pitching techniques, and personalizes them to your child. Andrew enjoys each lesson was selected to the All-Star team both years he trained under Tony. - Paul Flint

  • I've been taking my 2 oldest boys Tyler and Cameron to work out with Tony for right around 3 years now. I go to every lesson with them and I'm not sure who has more fun.... Dad or child. Not only does Tony teach the kids critical fundamentals to succeed in pitching, hitting and fielding; he teaches them these things to ensure that our kids can be successful without hurting themselves due to using the wrong techniques. I like to assistant coach on my son's teams and ALWAYS use things that I've personally learned from Tony's lessons to teach other young players. My boys and I really appreciate and enjoy the time we spend with "Coach Tony". His instructions have made a tremendous impact on the quality of baseball that my kids play and their strategic knowledge of the game. Better, smarter players = more fun and appreciation of the game! - Tim Waterman

  • My son Brayden has been working with Tony for about a year now. What Tony has taught Brayden has helped improve his baseball skills tremendously. From Pitching / to Hitting / to Catching,…the more time Brayden spends working with Tony, the better his skill level becomes. Tony gets on his level and makes the lessons fun, which keeps his attention and keeps him focused. Tony’s lessons helped Brayden make the McKinney Little League Baseball MKP All-Star team in 2005 and as well, he is having a great 2006 season – Tom Villani.

  • Tony's baseball instruction presents the game as a science, breaking down each process to an easy to follow, step-by-step, formula. These lessons have been a tremendous help from my son, Evan. Against some stiff competition, Evan made the high school freshman baseball team, thanks in no small way to Tony's help. - Debbie Kambury.

  • I had taken my son Tyler to Tony for about 2 years. During these years Tony really helped improve Tyler's pitching and hitting. My son decided to take a year off of playing baseball, this year he decided to start playing again.  We went out and practiced and it was easy to tell that he had not played in a year. We scheduled some lessons with Tony and within a few weeks Tyler was back to his old self. Tony does a great job with the kids teaching them the proper mechanics of throwing, hitting and fielding and Tyler enjoys the time he gets to spend with Coach Tony. I also coach my younger kids teams and by listening to what Tony teaches, I have become a better coach. I have been able to use so many things Tony has taught Tyler to teach my younger kids. I know Tony has taught Tyler and I so much and has made playing and coaching baseball a great experience. - Gene Sudduth